How Evolution Really Works – The Power of Digital Marketing

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The Power of Digital Marketing

Long before the use of the Internet, there were a variety of ways to advertise. Media sources such as television, newspapers, radio, magazines and telemarketing pamphlets were very popular, and some of them still are. The primary goal of traditional advertising is to convey a company statement, raise product awareness, while communicating it to as many people as possible for the smallest price as possible. When the Internet gained popularity, a number of online search options became available. Companies were now able to advertise on a much larger scale. Because of the perception of advertising at the time, many businesses were assumed to have great value, and therefore traded on the stock exchange at extremely high rates. Immediately after the dot-com collapse in 2001, internet advertising was significantly neglected because of the common assumptions about consumers and many failing internet-based businesses. Nevertheless, as time went on, companies and consumers reevaluated their beliefs and began exploring newly emerging online options. Substantial business models have emerged such as search engine advertising and e-commerce. Relevancy has increased even more when the industry has implemented enhancements in client targeting and has gained better understanding about how websites maintain their visitors. Research in consumer’s behaviors online and buying patterns has skyrocketed. In today’s world, primarily due to the availability of vast technologies and implementation of high speed internet, advertisers are able to make massive leaps and create highly targeted, global campaigns. These leaps are progressively becoming more and more obvious as the new generation of digital media marketers and advertisers take control.

Online media is no longer a mere extension of traditional advertising media sources. We have gone a long way from endless banners, buttons and company logos within the so-called Interactive Marketing Units, as advertisers liked to call them. The creation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, various analytical platforms and conversion tracking tools, we have come to realize the tremendous potential and possibilities of online advertising medium. A no longer “two-way medium,” the new generation of internet advertising and marketing tools has gained significant importance within the industry. Companies are able to easily adapt their traditional marketing methods and knowledge and focus on highly targeted options available online. They are now able to successfully promote sales and communication, and track visitors (clicks) with precision. The use of banner ads, pop-ups, search advertising, email campaigns, newsletters, remarketing strategies has given companies a reach far beyond that available to traditional marketing services. By using the most appropriate “marketing mix,” also known as the 4Ps – a term coined by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960s, marketers are able to alter the price, place, products and promotions on the fly for a more successful digital marketing campaign. And since companies no longer spend for impressions, but instead pay for the actual traffic, consumers are given the opportunity to see the actual products/advertised content before they click on the ads. Making a transition from basic/large scale advertising to a more specific, highly targeted campaigns saves advertisers money while vastly increasing campaign performance/return on investment.

New marketing theories focus on providing consumers the ability to select and choose in the interaction with the multiple brands on the internet. Acquiring deeper insights into online consumers, their behavior and buying patterns, has created enormous leaps in the ability of advertisers to create landmark campaigns. Such leaps will continue as more and more people turn to internet for their shopping and information source. People that are forever becoming more and more satisfied consumers, where an abundance of products and services is at their fingertips, and network television and papers are old school relics. People that are marketed to based on their interests, preferences and behaviors. The starting point will always be the consumer. There simply is no point in spending research and development funds developing products that people will not buy. By giving consumers convenient access to products they like, products that offer solution and value, while offering the most detailed information about these products is the key in today’s interactive, networked, and customer-controlled marketplace – the internet.

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