Rules to Follow tor a Successful Website

Rules to Follow for a Successful Website

1. Your website should load quickly. (Because Google and users love it) Watch out for memory intensive plugins or conflicting plugins, if you are utilizing a CMS.

2. Security from hackers is important, having the ability to roll back when errors occur as well. These days, most hosts will do automatic backups for you. You can also back up manually at will and store localized copies of your site on your personal drive. Never pick a web host without 24/7 live support. GoDaddy is great for beginners. When things go bad, they do a fairly good job resolving issues.

3. Always use a .com and unless there really is no alternative don’t use dashes or hyphens in between words in a domain name.

4. Build an email lists from day one. This is easily done by opting website visitors to automated mailing lists while they browse your site. They can always unsubscribe later if they wish.

5. Check for broken links regularly, integrate a site map and a customized 404 page.

6. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest… pick one and dominate it, it makes no sense to have poorly managed multiple social media accounts. If you run a successful company, consider hiring someone to look after your social media presence and expect results. Have your social media account manager develop customized reports that show conversions on your site, profile clicks, site clicks and growth over time.

7. Have a plan for your business website for the coming months… where do you see you and your website 5 years from now? Do you have an exit plan? Do you have a revenue plan?

8. Do not focus solely on one traffic source. A combination of organic search engine, paid, referral and social media traffic always works best.

9. Consistency is key when publishing content. Decide whether you will be publishing daily, weekly or monthly to your site, and stick to the plan.

10. Make it easy for people to contact you. What is more, be open to some criticism or less than positive comments about your website. Proper criticism is what will allow you to better your website by making the necessary changes to improve the overall user experience.

11. Received a negative comment or feedback? Always thank the customer for sharing their thoughts, regardless of what they wrote. The key is for others to see you are doing anything in your power to improve. Consider signing up for Trustpilot where you will be able to manage feedback and proudly display it on your website / Google search results.

12. If you haven’t already, hire an expert Google PPC campaign manager and give paid advertising a shot. Many businesses have shown excellent ROI with properly managed paid advertising. You may be missing out.

13. Develop high quality articles and post / share them on the web. Properly written, keyworded content can generate up to 80% traffic to your domain.

14. Don’t be afraid of highly competitive niche. The reason they are competitive is because there is money in that niche!

15. Lastly, keep moving forward. Do not give up and be creative. Building a successful website takes time and effort, it is not rocket science, however. Following these guidelines will guarantee that you have a kick-start on the online presence of your company. Trend IT will help you with the rest.

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