Keys to Website Development Success – Importance of Content Production & Website Design

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Today, we would like to lay out a few key elements to the website development success. Time after time, the history repeats itself, when business owners, desperate for online presence get burned dealing with yet another charlatan, claiming to be the know-it-all in web development. Most of the time, we encounter clients who have dumped thousands of dollars into web development projects that were either not finished, or done very poorly. Time after time, we find ourselves educating people on the importance of proper on-page key-wording, revenue generating site design, and the dangers of plagiarism. You would be surprised to know how many times we uncover copy-pasted web content from other web sources in the websites we audit. It is clear that producing high quality, authentic site content is not necessarily in the scope of work of your average web developer. However, content production surely is a critical element that any credible web development agency will focus on. Even if content producer is not available on the team, the job of a development agency is to designate focus keywords and allocate the task to professional writers or content producers. Properly key-worded content is one of the most important pre-determinants of a web site success. Just as well, creating a visually stunning, effective website design and visual elements, is the job of a professional digital artist / graphic designer. Do not expect your coder to come up with a successful website design, simply because he knows how to code. Determining visual theme and aesthetics of your site requires much research, solid understanding of your target audience and marketing approach. If you need ideas on how to come up with a good design that will convert your visitors to customers, follow the trend of your direct competitors in the industry which have had success. Sometimes, there is no need to re-invent the bicycle. Here at Trend IT, we take the best of both worlds, and put a spin on successful ideas which were proven to work. Once you have a general idea of the direction you need to move, write a concrete plan to a designer and submit a contest on a service such as 99designs, where professional artists will compete among each other for an opportunity to work with you. Having a finished design for your future website will allow your web developer / coder move things along much quicker, and not waste your time and money figuring things out that he or she is not qualified for in the first place. Lastly, do not hesitate to ask your developer for time frames for project completion. Follow up every day on the progress, find out what is being done, hour after hour and day after day. Make sure your developer keeps you in the know in case problems are encountered along the way. Time is money, and you issue the paycheck. Break the project into phases and do not hesitate to ask another developer / development agency to verify that your project was completed successfully, to the latest industry standard. To schedule your complimentary site audit, or to begin your next project, call 914.440.0113.

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