WordPress Web Development Platform Explained – Web Design for Limited Budget Scenarios

WordPress web development platform explained, covering WordPress features, benefits, strengths, weaknesses, website statistics, web design costs & more!

According to recently reported figures, WordPress web development platform powers over 30% of all websites on the internet. Collectively, WordPress sites around the world publish 24+ posts every second, they receive 22.2 billion monthly page views and WordPress blogs receive 46.7 million comments per month.

All of this is not surprising when we take into consideration the fact that WordPress is one of the most innovative and easy to use content management systems (CMS) out there. It is ideal both for novice website creators and experience web developers. One of the reasons why we frequently utilize WordPress at Trend IT, is the fact that we are able to sell a standalone product to our customers, which does not require a professional web developer to maintain. This gives consumers the freedom and the ability to update their website as they please, refresh the content, modify images, maintain the blog, conduct optimizations and add pages. WordPress back-end allows business owners to process inventory, manage orders, generate shipping labels, produce reports, monitor website reviews and utilize effective marketing tools. The key here is that you as a consumer, get a top notch website with a fantastic back-end, at a fraction of the cost of custom web development. WordPress development is highly affordable, opening up opportunities for investment where it is needed most, rather than dumpling all of your cash into a completely custom coded platform which you cannot manage yourself.

Our WordPress web development packages come with complimentary educational materials and free webinars / classes, which guide you with step by step instructions on personal forming basic modifications to you website, market to your client base, and process orders. We also do complimentary troubleshooting if things happen to go wrong. For a very reasonable price, we set-up regular updates, maintain your server and email databases. It is highly recommended to always consult an expert if you do decide to mess around with your website yourself, because one wrong click can still put your site out of commission.

Even though WordPress is an excellent platform, with the latest version alone having been downloaded over 20 million times, it does have limitations. Ecommerce merchants looking to publish inventories with thousands of items are recommended to opt-in for something more stable, like Magento, simply for the sheer volume of traffic and database size it can handle. It proves to be much more stable when the website involves dozens, or even hundreds of transactions every minute.

Nevertheless, WordPress will remain the prime choice for websites globally. You may be surprised that websites such as TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, Sony Music and MTV News are all running WordPress. It is The open-source platform which has notably marked the past decade of web development as being suitable for both expert developers and novice web users / bloggers.

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