How to Hire a Web Developer: The Do’s and Don’ts for Success

hire a web developer

How to hire a web developer: general guidelines (short version):

With so many options to choose from, the task of hiring a web developer can be quite complex.

The first and foremost thing to consider is: which technology is most suitable for the web application for your business. Depending on the platform you choose, hourly development rates can double, or even quadruple. Planning ahead is considering the possibility of changing your web developer in the future. Finding a developer means finding an expert for the source code used on your website. Quite often, developers will encourage clients to “rebuild,” or “build from scratch,” a website done by someone else. Sometimes this is the best option, especially if you are intending to overhaul the website’s look and feel completely. However, also keep in mind that dishonest developers tend to take this route to achieve higher profit margins, even when simple additions/alterations requested are quite possible and easy to do.

Know your site’s source code / platform, know the standard hourly rates for developers of various expertise levels. Research the capabilities of various content management systems and choose the platform most suitable for your application.

If shopping around for a developer, have ready a highly detailed, specific list of instructions and project demands. Do not let developers improvise unless the alterations they do are backed by marketing studies and research. We also recommend selecting your developer based on the price quoted for the entire list of instructions. Practice shows that developers paid by-the-hour tend to stretch project time-frames beyond the normal realm.

Custom development works, however it is also the costliest. Saving money means utilizing already-existing website layouts, themes, templates, and plugins. It is the task of the developer you hire to find the most appropriate template to meet the demand of the criteria identified in the project instructions and specifications file.

Unless you are a marketing expect or have done substantial research, do not make styling, branding and layout decisions based on your taste and/or preference. To achieve maximum results, website design, brand image, the look and feel of your domain must follow the preferences, behaviors and expectations of your target consumers. Consult with a marketing expert to develop a site design which will significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs and maximize your ROI. Remember, a developer / coder is not qualified to determine the design and marketing tactics for your company’s online presence. Always develop a site layout and a mockup first, and be as descriptive / specific as possible in the technical specifications file used by your coder.



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