Keys To A Successful Website: Web Development Do’s and Don’ts Continued

keys to a successful website

Keys To A Successful Website: Web Development Do’s and Don’ts Continued

… and how to achieve sustainable presence online

Achieving consistent returns from your web development project may be a tough cookie to master, however, when you utilize proper ingredients in your marketing mix, most of the success depends on your ability to follow directions. As complex cooking often is, marketing is a science, where the slightest drop of unfavorable ingredient, or neglect can be catastrophic. Within the smallest details of any website layout, color scheme, brand image, as well as look and feel, lures the success of a any given company’s presence online. Building your brand, as well as building your website, involves strategic planning and a clear understanding of direction. Knowing your target consumers, their behaviors and wants is a must, that is why at Trend IT, we allocate significant amount of time toward market research and competitor analysis. Remember, there are many sources for referral traffic online. Utilizing competitor analytics platforms allows web developers, as well as website owners, gain clear understanding of the approach taken by your business’s most influential competitors. When we talk about industry giants with massive rates of success, their results are achieved with the help of some of the biggest brains in marketing, and the allocation of tremendous funds toward direct advertising and indirect brand awareness building. Having the ability to measure the feedback from existing campaigns, analyze referral traffic, and study advertising budgets and approach, gives us an opportunity to achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost, generally, utilizing a combination of marketing / advertising channels and referral sources. Time after time, we encounter clients who have invested thousands of dollars into ongoing marketing campaigns but have neglected to fix the most important details within their websites, crucial to successful communicate with clients and the building of brand trust. In life, we do not run until we have learned to crawl. Have your business stand firmly on the ground, develop proper posture, and only then consider significant investments into targeted lead generation advertising.

Time invested into getting work done the professional way the first time is always less than time you spend to fix mistakes which should have been avoided. 

Optimal performance of your online digital experience is achieved when all contributing elements are optimized. Front end design is just as important as the technical (back-end) elements of a website. Have your developer provide a complete breakdown of targeted areas of optimization together with a quote. Have your designer and marketer develop a complete rendition of site design and its elements. Do not create assignments for unqualified service providers. The plan should include a schedule of optimizations to be done during the next 6 months. Link-building and on-page optimization are capable of yielding just as much site traffic as paid advertising. The ultimate long-term goal is to optimize and update site regularly, follow all Google’s advice for optimal page rank, as well as avoid any toxic backlinks which may have developed.

Since tactics described above are just a fraction of what actually needs to be done, feel free to contact us.




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