The Role of Web Design on Content Marketing

web design content marketing

According to a Missouri University of Science and Technology study, it takes users less than two-tenth of a second to form a first impression when browsing your site. On average, it takes users under three seconds to find key on-page contributor to their first impression.

The first impression is perceived to be the key determinant whether a consumer forms a favorable or unfavorable view of an organization. Research shows that websites that demonstrated better aesthetics, visual appeal and performance, had longer session duration times and lower page bounce.

According to studies done by Amazon, page speed alone has a significant impact on use behavior. It is estimated that a 100ms drop in page load speed results in a 1% reduction in performance. Other studies suggest that eCommerce speed optimization sometimes yields conversion increase of 20% or more.

A bad website design almost always leads to a customer closing your page or pressing the back button. As acquisition costs skyrocket and company reputation declines, merchants waste valuable time and money. An improper website design impacts several components of digital marketing for your company. This is especially try for content marketing.

Poor web design will stagnate content marketing and prevent your other marketing strategies for achieving their full potential. A website not optimized for accessibility makes published content less noticeable and more difficult to emphasize. The lack of proper website navigation leads to confusion when users browse your site searching for information.

Your color scheme, aesthetics and other design elements should build brand trustworthiness while conveying the company statement. Almost immediately, visitors have made their judgement about the quality of the content you display. A content which is easy to find can still turn people away if it boring or unprofessional. Always make sure your site design and content are most suitable for your target audience.

Being part of the visual aesthetics of your website, font type and style selections plays a significant role in forming an appealing brand image. Forms have to be uniform throughout your website. It is preferred that font type is crisp and easy to read. Presenting information in an easy to read way will maximize retentions, as well as conversions. The way the text is written is critical as well. Make sure on-page text is properly key-worded, consists of 300 words or more, and is easy to comprehend.

Having a content friendly website may seem like hard work, but in reality, if you do everything smart from the start, content management is a strategic, systematic process which loves its pace and updates.
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