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The Power Of Your Digital Marketing Framework

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Digital Marketing Framework Online marketing moves as fast as lightning. If you don’t stay on top of it, you are bound to lose pace. Thinking critically, working according to plan and performance monitoring are all successful online marketing tactics. Just like in a car, your marketing framework becomes a ROI-positive engine that drives results. Delivering marketing material that appeals to your consumers both on rational and emotional levels is a powerful tool to build customer connections. A marketing framework functions according to strategic marketing plans developed specifically for driving sales, conversions and goals, maintaining low acquisition costs, etc. The traffic you generate fuels your marketing process, while optimization and monitoring ensures maximum running efficiency. A proper plan will endure efficiency, while goal monitoring will help sustain longevity. Convert both new users into new customers, and existing customers to repeat users. The sales-driving strategy you choose will determine the ultimate outcome. Focus on publishing amazing quality content and building trust in your brand. Better content maximizes ROI. Utilizing multiple marketing channels spreads brand awareness faster and gives your company versatility over multiple social channels. Remember that affiliate marketing is a great solution for business models that have minimal up-front expenditure capabilities. The size of your framework will ultimately determine the marketing reach and weight of your company. Spending money wisely, not… [ View Full Post ]

Website Redesign Process – To Rebuild or Not?

website redesign process

To rebuild or not to rebuild? This question is common to business owners facing a web development project. An overhaul of your website may sound appealing, and in many cases is the best way to go. Re-branding can do wonders, and today, re-branding online is easier than you think. By strategically targeting your consumers, building brand loyalty and trust around a philosophy people can relate to, you will achieve better results overall, as well as improved conversions and a lower CPA. Most of the time, a website functions as the face of a company online. It must reinforce your client’s commitment to buy-in and retain you as a provider. A properly structured website functions much more than a point of sale system or a lead generator. Your website must engage and re-engage your consumers on an ongoing basis.    To be good candidates for top organic search engine results page (SERP) rankings, websites must typically provide and update the following three types of content on regular basis: 1) content expanding on the services offered, 2) information (new) relevant to your product / services consumer, as well as 3) educational (instructional) material relevant to your target audience. Most of the time, the latter involves maintaining a blog, posting videos, images, etc. Driving relevant traffic which converts is essentially, the art of… [ View Full Post ]

The Role of Web Design on Content Marketing

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According to a Missouri University of Science and Technology study, it takes users less than two-tenth of a second to form a first impression when browsing your site. On average, it takes users under three seconds to find key on-page contributor to their first impression. The first impression is perceived to be the key determinant whether a consumer forms a favorable or unfavorable view of an organization. Research shows that websites that demonstrated better aesthetics, visual appeal and performance, had longer session duration times and lower page bounce. According to studies done by Amazon, page speed alone has a significant impact on use behavior. It is estimated that a 100ms drop in page load speed results in a 1% reduction in performance. Other studies suggest that eCommerce speed optimization sometimes yields conversion increase of 20% or more. A bad website design almost always leads to a customer closing your page or pressing the back button. As acquisition costs skyrocket and company reputation declines, merchants waste valuable time and money. An improper website design impacts several components of digital marketing for your company. This is especially try for content marketing. Poor web design will stagnate content marketing and prevent your other marketing strategies for achieving their full potential. A website not optimized for accessibility makes published content less noticeable and more… [ View Full Post ]

Keys To A Successful Website: Web Development Do’s and Don’ts Continued

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Keys To A Successful Website: Web Development Do’s and Don’ts Continued … and how to achieve sustainable presence online Achieving consistent returns from your web development project may be a tough cookie to master, however, when you utilize proper ingredients in your marketing mix, most of the success depends on your ability to follow directions. As complex cooking often is, marketing is a science, where the slightest drop of unfavorable ingredient, or neglect can be catastrophic. Within the smallest details of any website layout, color scheme, brand image, as well as look and feel, lures the success of a any given company’s presence online. Building your brand, as well as building your website, involves strategic planning and a clear understanding of direction. Knowing your target consumers, their behaviors and wants is a must, that is why at Trend IT, we allocate significant amount of time toward market research and competitor analysis. Remember, there are many sources for referral traffic online. Utilizing competitor analytics platforms allows web developers, as well as website owners, gain clear understanding of the approach taken by your business’s most influential competitors. When we talk about industry giants with massive rates of success, their results are achieved with the help of some of the biggest brains in marketing, and the allocation of tremendous funds toward direct advertising… [ View Full Post ]

Keys to Website Development Success – Importance of Content Production & Website Design

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Today, we would like to lay out a few key elements to the website development success. Time after time, the history repeats itself, when business owners, desperate for online presence get burned dealing with yet another charlatan, claiming to be the know-it-all in web development. Most of the time, we encounter clients who have dumped thousands of dollars into web development projects that were either not finished, or done very poorly. Time after time, we find ourselves educating people on the importance of proper on-page key-wording, revenue generating site design, and the dangers of plagiarism. You would be surprised to know how many times we uncover copy-pasted web content from other web sources in the websites we audit. It is clear that producing high quality, authentic site content is not necessarily in the scope of work of your average web developer. However, content production surely is a critical element that any credible web development agency will focus on. Even if content producer is not available on the team, the job of a development agency is to designate focus keywords and allocate the task to professional writers or content producers. Properly key-worded content is one of the most important pre-determinants of a web site success. Just as well, creating a visually stunning, effective website design and visual elements, is the job… [ View Full Post ]

Rules to Follow tor a Successful Website

Rules to Follow for a Successful Website 1. Your website should load quickly. (Because Google and users love it) Watch out for memory intensive plugins or conflicting plugins, if you are utilizing a CMS. 2. Security from hackers is important, having the ability to roll back when errors occur as well. These days, most hosts will do automatic backups for you. You can also back up manually at will and store localized copies of your site on your personal drive. Never pick a web host without 24/7 live support. GoDaddy is great for beginners. When things go bad, they do a fairly good job resolving issues. 3. Always use a .com and unless there really is no alternative don’t use dashes or hyphens in between words in a domain name. 4. Build an email lists from day one. This is easily done by opting website visitors to automated mailing lists while they browse your site. They can always unsubscribe later if they wish. 5. Check for broken links regularly, integrate a site map and a customized 404 page. 6. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest… pick one and dominate it, it makes no sense to have poorly managed multiple social media accounts. If you run a successful company, consider hiring someone to look after your social media presence and expect results…. [ View Full Post ]