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Website Redesign Process – To Rebuild or Not?

website redesign process

To rebuild or not to rebuild? This question is common to business owners facing a web development project. An overhaul of your website may sound appealing, and in many cases is the best way to go. Re-branding can do wonders, and today, re-branding online is easier than you think. By strategically targeting your consumers, building brand loyalty and trust around a philosophy people can relate to, you will achieve better results overall, as well as improved conversions and a lower CPA. Most of the time, a website functions as the face of a company online. It must reinforce your client’s commitment to buy-in and retain you as a provider. A properly structured website functions much more than a point of sale system or a lead generator. Your website must engage and re-engage your consumers on an ongoing basis.    To be good candidates for top organic search engine results page (SERP) rankings, websites must typically provide and update the following three types of content on regular basis: 1) content expanding on the services offered, 2) information (new) relevant to your product / services consumer, as well as 3) educational (instructional) material relevant to your target audience. Most of the time, the latter involves maintaining a blog, posting videos, images, etc. Driving relevant traffic which converts is essentially, the art of… [ View Full Post ]