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How Evolution Really Works – The Power of Digital Marketing

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The Power of Digital Marketing Long before the use of the Internet, there were a variety of ways to advertise. Media sources such as television, newspapers, radio, magazines and telemarketing pamphlets were very popular, and some of them still are. The primary goal of traditional advertising is to convey a company statement, raise product awareness, while communicating it to as many people as possible for the smallest price as possible. When the Internet gained popularity, a number of online search options became available. Companies were now able to advertise on a much larger scale. Because of the perception of advertising at the time, many businesses were assumed to have great value, and therefore traded on the stock exchange at extremely high rates. Immediately after the dot-com collapse in 2001, internet advertising was significantly neglected because of the common assumptions about consumers and many failing internet-based businesses. Nevertheless, as time went on, companies and consumers reevaluated their beliefs and began exploring newly emerging online options. Substantial business models have emerged such as search engine advertising and e-commerce. Relevancy has increased even more when the industry has implemented enhancements in client targeting and has gained better understanding about how websites maintain their visitors. Research in consumer’s behaviors online and buying patterns has skyrocketed. In today’s world, primarily due to the availability of… [ View Full Post ]

Boost Productivity On-The-Go with External GPUs

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External GPUs, otherwise called graphics processing units or eGPUs, serve to give your on-demand graphics processing power when you need it most. The idea is simple, utilize the most powerful desktop class graphics cards available via external housings which attach to your computer though a wire. The most versatile connector present to date is of course Thunderbolt 3. With 40 Gbps throughput, it is quickly becoming the proprietary standard in today’s computing, as it replaces the larger and slower USB 3.0. www.trendit.nyc | Tel. (914) 440 – 0113 | info@trendit.nyc | 108 Greenwich Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10006 For more information, please visit our social media pages: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/trendit.nyc/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/trendit.nyc/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/3/me?tab=mX&authuser=3

New York’s Website Development & IT Support Rises the Bar Yet Again


Being in the IT business, we have seen a tremendous amount of crooks and scammers running the streets, looking for the next helpless person needing a website to score on. As awkward as this may sound, it is absolutely true. IT industry has been growing rapidly over the past decades. Today, we live in a society which is becoming increasingly dependent on the technology that surrounds us. Technology that is developing not by the hour, but by the minute… so fast in fact that sometimes it is hard to catch up. For that same reason, website development is often solely at the hands of your developer. The developer who you have hired, but who may not be so transparent or knowledgeable as you would want, or a developer who constantly pushes forward the deadlines. When you come to Trend IT to fulfill your project needs, you become part of our IT family, part of our innovative and creative IT cloud. We, as a team, work understand your vision and bring it to life. Our design and development process is crystal clear – we believe in transparency. Our project evaluation and estimation phase is completely free of charge. With leading turn-around times in the industry, I am confident Trend IT will not just fulfill, but exceed your expectations. Our unique cloud-based… [ View Full Post ]

Smart Web Development to Save Money and Increase ROI


When it comes to Web Development, it is an uncharted for most of us. That is why we almost always rely on a developer or a developing agency to build a website, whether it a personal portfolio or a full blown e-commerce solution. However, today’s advancements offer a variety of appealing solutions that streamline the website development process while offering simple tools to create a variety of website types. On top of a simple and easy to use user interface, such solutions are relatively inexpensive and can get you up and running in no time. What is important to know is that what we see is not always what we get. Having a functioning website does not mean having a successful website. In order for a domain to succeed online, a tremendous amount of work is required to be performed in the “back-end”, behind the beautiful pictures, banners and products of the user interface (UI), also referred to as the front-end. Processes such as keywording, on-site content optimization, as well as off-site optimization and backlinking are all crucial for your domain to succeed online. We take pride in our innovative approach toward each of our clients. Trend IT goes a long way to analyze each website we work with. We offer complimentary website audits for prospective clients. If you are looking… [ View Full Post ]